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Grant Wise

President and Co-Founder

Grant Wise is a serial entrepreneur. The President and Co-Founder of Witly, a Client Generation Software for Real Estate agents. Grant is known to be a maverick leader and an innovative marketing strategist who is unafraid to lead companies in new directions. Grant has been described as irreverent, artful, and dramatic with a strong entrepreneurial spirit constantly striving for results in his clients’ businesses.

Grant lives by this one quote: “I’m not trying to be the most successful as much as I’m working to become the most valuable.”

Grant’s story is one of education, truth, and perseverance. Grant’s first entrepreneurial step in the real estate industry started when he learned that he could run targeted Facebook ads on behalf of real estate agents and get engagement for pennies (and get houses sold for dollars). Realizing the exceptional value, he could provide, he pivoted his business into an educational platform and now continues to teach real estate agents, investors, and mortgage experts how to use social media alongside his Client Generation Software, Witly, to close real estate deals and scale small businesses. He has helped more than 60,000 companies, entrepreneurs, and business owners actualize their dreams through hands-on learning. Grant’s Client Generation process is responsible for helping Agents all over the world sell billions of dollars in Real Estate.

Grant has worked alongside notable industry leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Krista Mashore, Grant Cardone, Michael Hellickson, Shon Kokoszka, Keri Shull, and many more.


Megan Cordry

Business Development Manager

Megan oversees client acquisition and program development.

 She holds a B.S. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Arkansas and is currently completing her Master’s in Nutritional Science from the University of Central Arkansas.

 Megan has over 10 years’ experience in account management and analytics working with national retailers and brands like Walmart, Sara Lee, and West Liberty Foods. She fell in love with the digital space during her time at Collective Bias where she worked with brands such as MasterCard, Kimberly-Clark, Unilever, and Bigelow.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time at the climbing gym, hiking, kayaking, yoga and cooking.

Dylan Jones

Business Development

Dylan assist in client acquisition and ad execution.

Starting as an intern with Witly, Dylan has tirlessly worked to grow into his role in Business Development.

His belief in the company and for real estate professionals is their success is above all. With his many natural talents, he brings positivity to thousands of people’s lives and has pushes them to achieve their goals, no matter what their situation is. He has shown when obstacles arrive, there is only one approach, face them head on!

With his strong entrepreneurial mindset and unbelievable determination he aims to bring success to real estate professionals by helping them create and achieve clear, attainable goals.

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