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Are you serious about your business?

Of course you are. Whether you are new to the real estate industry or an experienced real estate agent, you need to stay sharp. You need to keep learning. You need to stay ahead of your competitors. Real Estate Marketing University is designed to do exactly that: give you the latest tactics, strategies, and best practices for marketing real estate through social media. We’ve run countless ads and have learned over time and testing what really works and what does not.

Our programs teach you habits and practices that are easy to set up, cost efficient, and effective. By using a combination of Facebook ads; lead capture systems; follow-up systems; databases; and landing pages we’ve assembled an entire program that is not only going to give you keys to monetary success, but also to help you build your business so you can ultimately lead the life you’ve always wanted. We’ve even developed custom, proprietary software specifically for our students that helps save them hours and hours of precious time.

Here is what you get:

  • Facebook Ad copy for 7 highest performing lead magnets
  • The Homes List Ad
  • The Home Buyers Quiz
  • Home Value – NOT the normal version of home value ads EVERYONE uses
  • Coming Soon
  • Buyers and Sellers Guides
  • Mastermind with ALL other agents currently going through program
  • FREE audits on all of the work you implement for the 4 weeks of the program then live support in the group
  • Permanent and Private Membership site with ALL training
  • An entire training series on mastering Facebook itself
  • 2 tickets to SMBC Live held every quarter
  • Bio Marketing
  • Social Proof Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Open Houses
  • The Social Listing Method
  • Exact lead and landing page design for each lead magnet
  • Exact ‘How To’ for setting up each of these
  • Emails files to send on behalf of each of these campaigns
  • Precise scripts for calling these leads
  • Scripts for texting each of these leads
  • Scripts for sending video to each of these leads
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