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The One Facebook Ad You Can Use To Replace Zillow In Your Business

It seems like it was just yesterday that they came on the scene, right? Solving some of the agent’s greatest …Read More

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My Two Journeys

What’s better: accomplishment or transformation? Two things set me on my path to real estate: my own homebuying...Read More

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Top 50 Markets To Run Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

For the last 4 years, we have been helping Real Estate agents all over the United States run Facebook ads …Read More

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Symptoms of a Basic Agent

Never thought this would be you, right? Never thought you would look at yourself as someone who could be considered …Read More

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Top Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Facebook

How much of your marketing budget did you spend on Facebook advertising last quarter? Are you happy with the results? …Read More

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The 3 Levels of Consumer Awareness

There is a way to properly market your business to people looking to buy or sell a home; and it …Read More

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How to Become Internet Famous in Real Estate

Fame seals deals. We’ve all seen countless times how one misstep on the internet can break a career permanently. What …Read More

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Finding Sellers in a No Inventory Market

Are you tired of working 3 times as hard to get your buyer into a home only to have your …Read More

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Facebook Releases Lead Ads for Real Estate Agents

In early 2016, Facebook added a new type of advertisement to its direct response advertising toolbox. Facebook doesn’t like it …Read More

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Why Marketing Needs To Be Your Life

Harsh truth: You cannot be anything without marketing. Marketing is your life and I am going to explain why. Marketing …Read More

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