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This will outline how you can become a Certified Marketing Genius through Real Estate Marketing University. Leveraging the power of Marketing Intelligence and execute on simple strategy designed to help you grow your business in today’s market. Learn the ins and outs of the most useful and profitable marketing campaigns available to you today to allow you to generate more leads, convert more customers, and become a Marketing Genius.

Course Curriculum

Welcome To Your Marketing Genius Certification Class 00:01:16
Where To Get Answers When You Have Questions 00:02:47
Setting & Committing To Your Goals 00:01:34
The Homes List Ad
Introducing the Lead Ads Strategy 00:01:48
Canva 5 Image (Create Account and Canva Image) 00:03:47
Creating and Promoting Your Homes List Lead Ad 00:10:54
Witly to FB Integration/ 3rd Party Integrations 00:02:56
Measuring & Reporting
Best Practices: Reports 00:00:56
Understanding Custom Reports 00:03:36
Custom Conversions 00:01:47
Creating Your Facebook Pixel 00:01:53
Installing Your Pixel In Witly 00:02:30
Creating Your Pixel Custom Audience 00:01:44
Creating Your Lead Form Custom Audience 00:01:48
Creating Your Facebook Page Custom Audience 00:02:41
Creating Your Video View Custom Audience 00:01:13
Creating Your Holy Grail Custom Audience 00:03:07
Converting Online Leads
Understanding the Different Forms of Communication 00:32:27
Converting Leads Over the Phone 00:10:52
Converting Leads Via Text 00:10:48
Converting Leads Via Email 00:17:33
Converting Leads With Video 00:07:37
Social Selling 00:13:51
Understanding Each Marketing Strategy
Understanding Each Marketing Strategy Introduction 00:01:00
Introducing the Homes List 2.0 00:01:00
Introduction To The Social Listing Method 00:00:24
Introducing the Home Buyers Guide Campaign 00:01:24
Introducing the Home Sellers Guide Campaign 00:01:43
Introducing the “Just Sold” Digital Postcard 00:01:11
Introducing the Open Door Strategy 00:01:03
Introduction to The Rent vs Buy 00:00:29
Introducing the VA Homebuyer’s Strategy 00:00:34
Make Sure You Have Created Your Witly Account 00:00:00

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