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This training is going to teach you how to connect with and convert more of your contacts into contracts in your real estate business. 

Course Curriculum

Welcome & Expectations 00:01:09
Getting Started: Tools for Implementation
Witly 00:00:43
Setting up Your Witly Account 00:02:43
Setting up an Enrollment Call 00:02:00
Automated Onboarding & Enrollment 00:08:04
Action Plans 00:02:38
Activating Lead Assist (Optional) 00:04:44
Glossary of Terms 00:00:00
Facebook Essentials
Setting up a Facebook Ad Account & Business Manager 00:00:00
Updating your Facebook Billing Information 00:00:46
Understanding the Client Journey
Client Generation System Overview [The Client Journey] 00:07:06
Marketing Budget Breakdown 00:01:31
CRM Structure: (Only do this section in your CRM if you’re following up with your own leads)
The Lead Management Playbook 00:02:49
Set up CRM 00:00
Creating Your Homes List
Overview of the Homes List [Client Generation System] 00:03:12
MLS Research for Median Price Point 00:00:00
Getting Your MLS Link or Saved Search Link 00:00:00
Creating Your Canva image 00:02:46
Setting up Your Homes List Lead Ad in Witly 00:09:11
Creating a Lead Form Custom Audience in Witly 00:01:34
Relationship Remarketing
Relationship Remarketing Overview [Client Generation System] 00:02:30
Why Video Works: The Rock Principle 00:06:30
The Types of Videos to Create 00:05:05
Creating Your First Video Ad 00:00:00
Setting up Your First Video Ad in Witly 00:03:48
Creating Your Video View Custom Audiences 00:01:26
Setting up Your Second Video Ad [Optional but Recommended] 00:00:00
Completed Client Generation System Complete Overview
Complete look at what you have in place now [The Client Journey] 00:03:45
Measuring & Reporting [KPIs]
Homes List KPIs 00:06:39
Video Remarketing Ads [KPIs] 00:05:54
Conversion (Only do this section if you’re following up with your own leads) 00:09:42
Scaling Your Results
Metrics that Matter 00:03:19
Finding Your Cost Per Closing 00:01:22
The 20% Rule 00:03:52
Testing Your Knowledge
Course Quiz 00:30:00

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