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There is no shortage of marketing tactics and strategies: content marketing, ephemeral, social, brand advocates, and more. So, where do you start? Where do you focus your time?

My team and I have managed hundreds of thousands of leads; tested tens of thousands of ads; and run thousands of marketing tests on Facebook. From these efforts in our marketing laboratory, we’ve identified tried and true strategies for successfully marketing your mortgage business through Facebook; and for immediately scaling your business by generating leads, appointments, and ROI positive relationships almost instantly.

Course Curriculum

Creating Your Homes List For Mortgage Pros
Intro To The Homes List 2.0 00:00:40
Building Your Community Page 00:05:18
Building Your Homes List In Witly 00:04:58
Creating Your Canva 00:03:47
Creating Your Homes List Post on Facebook 00:05:05
Guided vs. Quick Creation 00:06:57
Promoting Your Homes List Post on Facebook 00:12:56
Stacking Your Ad Sets 00:04:56
Editing Your Ads 00:02:17
Converting Homes List Leads 00:06:20
Editing Your Billing Information 00:01:36
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