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Wish you were converting more of those leads you’re generating in your Real Estate business from Social Media? After helping over 1600 students and training over 50,000 Real Estate agents we’ve built a simple system for you to incrementally and systematically increase your conversion rate up to 12%. Take this course to increase your conversion and grow your business!

Course Curriculum

Welcome to The Licensed Closer
Intro 00:01:30
Getting Around 00:02:47
The History of Communication
Intro 00:00:46
Face To Face 00:01:41
Phone 00:02:27
Email 00:01:00
Text 00:01:27
Social Media 00:02:29
Video 00:03:18
Winning New Friends In 20 Minutes Or Less
The Value Loop 00:12:12
Building Relationships Quick 00:03:14
Adding Value 00:01:59
Product 00:01:55
Close 00:02:30
The Objection Loop 00:05:38
Creating Sales Processes
What Is A Sales Process 00:01:45
Creating A Sales Process 00:09:37
Create Your Own Sales Process 00:00:00
Implementing A Sales Process
Creating Training Around Your Sales Process 00:01:25
Reports To Help You Track Interactions 00:05:19
Reports To Help You Track Conversions 00:06:16
Congrats On Becoming A Licensed Closer 00:02:22
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