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MANTRA is a course designed to teach you how to live the laptop lifestyle as a Real Estate professional. So many agents get caught up in building a business that they forget how to build a life. I’m going to take you by the hand and show you how to bust through obscurity, build preeminence, and become the most well-known, liked, and trusted Real Estate agent in your marketplace. ALL, from your laptop. 🙂

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Welcome To MANTRA 00:02:33
Setting Goals 00:01:53
Who Do You Want To Do Business With? 00:02:54
Make A Location Based Targeting List 00:01:40
MANTRA: What is your core message? What do you want to be known for? 00:03:31
Your Direct Marketing Lead Strategy
Why We Run This Campaign 00:02:40
The Homes List 00:01:07
Creating Your Homes List Canva 00:03:37
Quick Creation vs. Guided Creation 00:06:57
Creating and Promoting Your Homes List 00:17:07
The Necessity of Automated Follow Up (Witly) 00:04:24
Connecting Your Homes List To Witly 00:02:17
Our Strategy Blueprint
What’s a Funnel? 00:02:59
Our EXACT Strategy 00:06:38
Our Show Strategy
Your Show 00:07:22
Your Content Strategy 00:01:54
Creating Relationships & Gaining Exposure 00:04:44
How To Create The Interaction With Locals 00:03:59
Case Studies 00:01:19
Social Media Show
An Introduction 00:01:43
Name Your Show 00:01:36
Schedule Your Show 00:02:59
Strategy For Your Show 00:04:59
Tools For Your Show 00:05:51
Create a set for your show 00:03:55
Repurpose Your Show 00:05:54
The 9 Steps To Podcast Profits
Creating Your Show Name 00:03:58
Designing Your Logo 00:05:44
Creating Your Audio Intro 00:05:33
Buying The Right Equipment 00:03:25
Establishing A Schedule and Logistics 00:01:08
Recording Your First Three Episodes 00:06:01
Editing Your Episodes 00:04:17
Hosting Your Podcast and Posting Your Episodes 00:05:58
Marketing and Monetizing Your Podcast 00:06:42
Retargeting To Own Attention
Creating Your Page Engagement Retarget Audience 00:08:12
Creating Your Video Interview Post 00:04:15
Creating Your Video Interview Ad 00:04:58
Creating Your Retarget Audience From Your Videos 00:09:12
Generating Appointments
Creating Your Seller Appointment Ad 00:10:37
Creating Your Seller Appointment Lead Form 00:05:28
Connecting To Your Google Calendar 00:10:01
Confirming Your Appointments 00:01:53
Creating Your Buyer Appointment Ad 00:12:57
Creating Your Buyer Appointment Lead Form 00:08:43
Timelines and KPI's
The Goal Timeline 00:06:00
Managing Your Branding Campaign Moving Forward 00:05:39
Looking For KPI’s 00:05:17


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