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There is no shortage of marketing tactics and strategies: content marketing, ephemeral, social, brand advocates, and more. So, where do you start? Where do you focus your time?

My team and I have managed hundreds of thousands of leads; tested tens of thousands of ads; and run thousands of marketing tests on Facebook. From these efforts in our marketing laboratory, we’ve identified tried and true strategies for successfully marketing your real estate business through Facebook; and for immediately scaling your business by generating leads almost instantly.

Here are just a few of the things you can expect to learn in this course:

  • The Homes List Ad
  • The Home Buyers Quiz
  • Social Proof Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Open Houses
  • The Social Listing Method
  • Email files to send on behalf of each of these campaigns and more.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Welcome to Modern Agent Mastery 00:02:51
How to Navigate the Site 00:01:41
How to Get Support When You Need It 00:01:22
Facebook Essentials
Business vs. Community Page 00:07:49
How To Get To Ads Manager 00:00:55
Managing Billing Settings 00:01:26
Editing Ad Settings 00:00:59
Quick Creation vs. Guided Creation 00:06:57
Set and Commit to Your Goals 00:01:52
Marketing Essentials
Consumers Levels Of Awareness 00:07:42
Consumers Levels Of Engagement 00:05:25
Creating Your Customer Profile/Client Avatar
How To Create A Client Avatar 00:00:00
Creating Our Generic Audience In Ads Manager 00:06:52
How To Create A Niche Client Avatar 00:08:37
Creating Our Niche Audience In Ads Manager 00:05:47
Building Your Advertising Creative and Copy
The Importance Of Quality Creative 00:00:00
Utilizing Canva To Create Collages 00:04:51
The 3 Keys To Quality Ad Copy 00:00:00
Creating Copy For Our Advertisements 00:04:08
Creating Your First Homes List
Overview of the Homes List 00:04:53
Creating Your Canva Image 00:03:12
Getting Your MLS Link Ready 00:01:47
Setting Up Your Homes List Campaign & Ad Set 00:05:15
Setting Up Your Homes List Lead Ad 00:11:57
Connecting Witly to Facebook 00:03:34
Understanding KPI’s and How To Manage Campaigns
Understanding How To Edit Every Aspect of Your Ad 00:04:00
Knowing What KPIs You Can Expect 00:05:39
Understanding The Ad Audit Checklist 00:03:29
Creating Your Own Show
The Importance Of Video/Get Comfortable 00:04:46
3 Example Videos To Create 00:07:21
Posting Those Videos To Your Page 00:03:24
Retargeting: Your Most Powerful Tool
Creating Your Facebook Pixel 00:02:06
Installing Your Pixel on Witly 00:01:31
Creating Your Pixel Custom Audience 00:02:06
Creating Your Lead Form Custom Audience 00:01:48
Creating Your Facebook Page Custom Audience 00:01:22
Creating Your Video View Custom Audience 00:01:13
Creating The Holy Grail Retarget Audience 00:03:07
Utilizing Your Videos As Level Two Campaigns
Understanding a Multi-Level Funnel 00:00:00
Promoting Your Videos To Your Retarget Audience 00:04:53
Realizing The Need To Create New Videos Consistently 00:00:00
Adding A Homebuyers / Homesellers Guide BOT Ad to Level 2
Creating Your Home Buyer’s Guide and Home Seller’s Guide BOT 00:05:10
Creating Your Home Buyer’s Guide and Home Seller’s Guide Video 00:02:08
Posting and Promoting Your HBG and HSG Video and Attaching The BOT 00:04:30
Setting Up BOT Notifications 00:04:35
Creating Your Level 3 Campaign
Creating Your Level 3 Video View Custom Audience 00:01:55
Building Your Level 3 Creative And Copy 00:04:35
Tying Together Your Audience, Creative, and Copy to Create Your Appointment Generating Advertisement 00:05:02
Integrating Your Appointments Into Google Calendar 00:10:01
Introduction to Witly 00:05:09
Updating Your Personal Information in Witly 00:03:02
Overview: Witly’s CRM Functionality 00:03:28
Navigating the Marketing Section of Witly 00:03:28
Editing Your Email Drip Campaigns 00:02:31
Referral Funnel
The Referral Funnel Overview 00:06:05
Creating a CSV File Of Your Leads 00:01:58
Creating a Custom Audience in Facebook 00:02:33
Creating Your Video View Ad 00:07:32
Creating Your Two Retargeting Audiences 00:02:26
Creating Your Messenger CTA 00:08:49
Putting Your Next Video Ad In Place 00:05:33
Placing New Videos in Rotation (The Golden Triangle) 00:02:41
The Referral Funnel Recap 00:01:21
Homes List Engagement
Introducing the Homes List 2.0 00:01:00
Creating A Homes List 2.0 in Witly 00:04:58
Canva 5 Image (Create Account and Canva Image) 00:03:47
Creating Your Homes List Post on Facebook 00:07:31
Promoting Your Homes List on Facebook 00:09:37
Homes List BOT Ad
Creating Your Home Buyer’s Guide and Home Seller’s Guide BOT 00:05:10
Connecting Your Homes List BOT to Your Ad 00:05:06
Setting Up BOT Notifications 00:04:35
Measure and Report
Best Practices: Reports 00:00:56
Understanding Custom Reports 00:01:40
Custom Conversions 00:01:47
Get Organized
How to Get Organized 00:08:48
How to Communicate in Your Business 00:03:26
How to Manage Your Time 00:05:17
How to Leverage Video 00:07:48
Social Listing Method Appointment Campaign
Creating Canva For Your Appointments 00:03:00
Creating Your SLM Appointment Campaign In Ads Manager 06:43:00
Social Listing Method Funnel In Witly 00:04:00
Witly to FB Integration/ 3rd Party Integrations 00:02:56
Social Listing Method Canvas Ad
Creating Your Social Listing Landing Page in Witly 00:04:00
Creating Your Canvas 00:08:58
Promoting Your SLM Canvas Ad 00:04:25
Open Door Strategy
Introducing The Open Door Strategy 00:01:03
Creating An Open Door Strategy Funnel in Witly 00:03:44
Posting Your Open Door Strategy to Facebook 00:02:00
Promoting Your Open Door Strategy Post on Facebook 00:04:46
Fish In A Barrel BOT Ad
Introducing the Fish In A Barrel Campaign 00:01:01
Creating Your Fish In A Barrel BOT 00:02:43
Creating Your Fish In A Barrel Video and Posting To Your Page 00:03:42
Promoting Your FIAB Video and Attaching The BOT 00:04:06
Setting Up BOT Notifications 00:04:35
Home Buyer's Quiz BOT Ad
Creating Your Home Buyer’s Quiz BOT 00:04:24
Posting and Promoting Your HBQ and Attaching The BOT 00:05:28
Setting Up BOT Notifications 00:04:35
The Facebook Plan Tab
Scheduling Posts 00:01:50
Automating Your Ads 00:04:59
Audience Insights 00:04:49
Creative Hub 00:02:41
Next Steps
Skills Checklist 00:00:00
Review Your Goals 00:00:00
What’s Next? 00:00:00
Appendix: The Hot Seat
Ads Reporting 00:04:14
Audiences 00:15:53
Facebook Lead Ads 00:21:43
Niche Marketing 00:17:29
Importing Contacts Into Witly 00:11:19
Lead Ads – Exporting Leads, Setting up CRM, and LeadSyc 00:08:47
Retargeting 00:09:57
Social Listing Method 00:11:59
Prospecting for Top Agents Using Zillow 00:14:37
Handling Objections 00:39:33
Social Agent Q&A – II 00:31:45
Open House Campaigns 00:36:32
What Works & How to Do It 00:15:42
Video In Your Business 00:09:00
Facebook Dark Post 00:22:29
Make Money or Build Business? 00:12:50
Social Agent Q&A – I 00:15:00
The Dinner Party Strategy 00:22:35
Follow-up and Conversions 00:48:10
Modern Agent Mastery Q&A 00:12:00
17,000% ROI on Facebook Ads 00:18:01
Appendix: Copy and Paste BOT Scripts
Homes List Bot Flow 00:00:00
Social Listing Bot Flow 00:00:00
Home Buyers Guide/Home Sellers Guide Bot Flow 00:00:00
30 Second Home Search Bot Flow 00:00:00
Luxury Homes List Bot Flow 00:00:00
The Home Buyer’s Quiz Flow 00:00:00
The Fish In A Barrel Flow 00:00:00


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