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There is no shortage of marketing advice, tactics, and strategies in the market today. Do you pursue content marketing, brand advocates, influencers? The question is, “Where do you start?”

What should you spend your time and money on?

These questions get even more complicated for real estate investors.

My team and I have managed hundreds of thousands of leads; tested tens of thousands of ads; and run thousands of marketing tests on Facebook. We have created tested and proven strategies for successfully building a real estate investment business.

In this course you will:

  • Learn step-by-step instructions for social media marketing on Facebook
  • Have access to our unique, tested, and proven campaigns, such as the “House Fire” and “the Scholar” campaigns
  • Be a part of a vibrant community of modern real estate investors who can support you as you take your investment business into the stratosphere!

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Welcome to Modern Investing Mastery 00:02:57
How To Get Help When You Need It 00:02:06
Introduction to Witly 00:05:09
Updating Your Profile Info and Navigating Witly 00:02:00
Set and Commit to Your Goals for MIM 00:01:38
Starting Your First Ad Campaign
Getting Started on Your First Ad Campaign for MIM 00:01:22
Creating A Community Page 00:03:52
Creating Your Audiences 00:06:39
Introducing The Qualification Campaign 00:00:51
Creating Your Canva 00:03:01
Creating And Promoting Your Qualification Campaign 00:08:48
Creating Multiple Ad Sets 00:05:31
Connecting Your Ad To Witly 00:02:56
Managing Your Ad Campaigns 00:02:21
Editing Ad Settings 00:03:22
Managing Your Billing Information 00:00:57
Conversion Strategies for Your First Ad Campaign 00:01:38
The Facebook Plan Tab
Scheduling Posts 00:02:12
Automating Your Ads 00:02:37
Audience Insights 00:02:15
Creative Hub 00:02:06
Measure and Assess Your Campaigns
Introduction to Facebook Reports 00:01:46
Custom Reports 00:01:53
Using Reports to Test Your Ads 00:01:54
Custom Conversions 00:02:15
Create Your Own Show
The Importance Of Video/Get Comfortable 00:04:46
3 Example Videos To Create 00:07:21
Posting Those Videos To Your Page 00:03:24
Retargeting: Your Most Powerful Tool
Creating Your Facebook Pixel 00:01:53
Installing Your Pixel on Witly 00:01:31
Creating Your Pixel Custom Audience 00:01:44
Creating Your Lead Form Custom Audience 00:01:48
Creating Your Facebook Page Custom Audience 00:01:22
Creating Your Video View Custom Audience 00:01:13
Creating Your Holy Grail Custom Audience 00:03:07
Facebook Ad Objectives
Brand Awareness 00:01:08
Reach 00:00:43
Traffic 00:00:00
Engagement 00:01:03
App Installs 00:00:37
Video Views 00:00:49
Lead Generation 00:00:42
Conversions 00:01:24
Product Catalog Sales 00:00:41
Store Visits 00:00:37
Assets In Ad Manager
Audiences Overview for Investing 00:03:12
Creating A Custom Audience From Website Visitors 00:02:06
Creating a Custom Audience From Lead Forms for Investors 00:02:33
Creating a Custom Audience From Facebook Engagement for Investors 00:02:41
Creating Lookalike Audiences for Investing 00:03:33
The Facebook Pixel
Creating A Facebook Pixel for Investing 00:01:53
Installing Your Pixel on Witly 00:01:31
Finding Your Pixelated Audiences for Investing 00:01:08
Converting Leads
Understanding Different Forms of Communication – Follow Your Leads 00:32:21
Converting Leads by Phone for Investing 00:10:46
Converting Leads by Text for Investing 00:06:53
Converting Leads by Email for Investing 00:17:36
Converting Leads by Video for Investing 00:07:37
Social Selling for Investing 00:04:46
Get and Stay Organized
How to Get Organized for Investing 00:08:48
Communication In YOUR Business 00:03:26
How Much Is Your Time Worth for Investing? 00:02:31
How to Manage Your Time for Investing 00:06:07
How to Leverage Video for Investing 00:07:48
Motivated Seller Appointments
Creating Canva For Your Appointments 00:03:00
Creating Your Motivated Seller Appointment Campaign In Ads Manager 00:10:00
Creating Your Motivated Seller Appointment Campaign Zap 00:00:00
The House Fire Campaign
Introducing the “House Fire” Advertising Campaigns 00:01:39
Introduction to ManyChat – Chatbots for Investing 00:07:43
Setting up Your ManyChat “House Fire” Bot 00:17:47
Creating and Promoting Your First “House Fire” Campaign Ad 00:07:06
Creating Multiple Ad Sets 00:05:31
Setting Up BOT Notifications 00:04:35
The "Scholar" Campaign
Introduction to The Scholar Campaign 00:01:42
Creating the Scholar Video 00:03:48
Creating Your “The Scholar” Witly Landing Page 00:04:23
Creating and Promoting Your The Scholar Campaign Facebook Ad 00:08:13
Creating Multiple Ad Sets 00:05:31
The Social Listing Method
Introducing The Social Listing Method 00:00:55
Creating Your Social Listing Landing Page in Witly 00:04:00
Creating Your Social Listing Canva 00:01:22
Creating Your SLM Facebook Post 00:04:31
Promoting Your SLM Facebook Post 00:07:45
Next Steps
Skills Checklist for Investing 00:00:00
Review Your Goals for Investing 00:00:00
What Is Next for Investing? 00:00:00
Appendix A
HotSeat 11-14-17 00:09:50
Survey 00:00:00
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