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There is no shortage of marketing tactics and strategies: content marketing, ephemeral, social, brand advocates, and more. So, where do you start? Where do you focus your time?

My team and I have managed hundreds of thousands of leads; tested tens of thousands of ads; and run thousands of marketing tests on Facebook. From these efforts in our marketing laboratory, we’ve identified tried and true strategies for successfully marketing your mortgage business through Facebook; and for immediately scaling your business by generating leads, appointments, and ROI positive relationships almost instantly.

Here are just a few of the things you can expect to learn in this course:

The Homes List Ad
Video Marketing
Pre-Qualification Appointment Campaigns
The Social Listing Method
Veterans Assistance Advertising Strategies
Rent vs Buy Advertising Campaign

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Welcome To Modern Mortgage Mastery 00:01:06
How To Navigate The Website 00:04:00
How To Get Support When You Need It 00:02:06
Introduction to Witly 00:02:49
Updating Your Personal Information In Witly 00:03:02
Marketing With Witly 00:03:05
Witly CRM Functionality 00:03:28
Setting & Committing To Your Goals 00:01:08
Getting Your First Ad In Place
Intro To The Homes List 2.0 00:00:40
Building Your Community Page 00:05:18
Building Your Homes List In Witly 00:04:58
Creating Your Canva 00:03:47
Creating Your Homes List Post on Facebook 00:05:05
Guided vs. Quick Creation 00:06:57
Promoting Your Homes List Post on Facebook 00:12:56
Stacking Your Ad Sets 00:04:56
Editing Your Ads 00:02:17
Converting Homes List Leads 00:06:20
Editing Your Billing Information 00:01:36
Measuring & Reporting
Best Practices [Reports] 00:00:33
Understanding Custom Reports 00:03:36
Understand Audience Insights 00:04:40
Retargeting: Your Most Powerful Tool
Creating Your Facebook Pixel 00:01:53
Creating Your Pixel Custom Audience 00:01:44
Creating Your Lead Custom Audience 00:01:48
Creating Your Facebook Page Custom Audience 00:02:41
Creating Your Video View Custom Audience 00:01:13
Creating Your Holy Grail Custom Audience 00:03:07
The Big Picture
Our Relationship Strategy 00:01:26
Our Marketing Strategy 00:20:07
Results In Advance
How To Create Agent Relationships With Ease 00:03:57
Getting Into Any Broker’s Office 00:03:23
Helping An Agent Convert Online Leads 00:48:22
Generating Pre-Qualification Appointment Advertising
Intro to pre-qualification appointment advertising 00:00:32
Setting up your pre-qual ads 00:11:29
Setting up your pre-qual zaps 00:11:25
Following-Up and Confirming Appointments 00:03:10
Marketing Your Agents Listing
The Social Listing Method 00:03:43
Setting up Your SLM Lead Ad To Set An Appointment 00:10:01
Setting Up Your SLM Zap 00:11:25
Following up and Confirming Appointments 00:03:10
Generating Motivated Sellers For Your Agents
Intro To The Appointment Funnel 00:00:24
Creating Your Lead Ad For Motivated Sellers Appointments 00:08:13
Creating Your Motivated Sellers Zap 00:11:25
Confirming and Converting Motivated Seller Appointments 00:03:10
Teaching Your Agent the Fish In A Barrel
Introduction To The Fish In A Barrel 00:00:21
Creating a FIAB Post 00:02:51
Promoting a FIAB Post 00:04:04
The Mortgage VA Funnel
Introduction To The VA Campaign 00:00:21
Creating The VA Campaign in Witly 00:01:47
Creating and Promoting Your VA Post on Facebook 00:01:22
Rent VS Buy Calculator
Rent vs Buy 00:02:02
Creating Your Rent vs Buy Post In Witly 00:04:58
Creating Your Rent vs Buy Post On Facebook 00:01:56
Promoting Your Rent vs Buy Post on Facebook 00:04:13
The Digital Mayor
Becoming The Digital Mayor of Your Town 00:00:39
Creating a Show/Podast 00:01:26
Interviewing Local Businesses or Organizations 00:01:19
Building Media 00:01:38
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