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Wish you spend less time chasing down Real Estate Agents and more time creating strong and powerful referral relationships?

If you’re a Loan Officer and you wish you had more agent booking time to meet with you, then the Mortgage App BETA course is for you. We’re going to take you by the hand and teach you how to generate leads on your own to develop a Unique Value Proposition. Once done, we’ll show you how to use these new leads to get Real Estate Agents booking time on your calendar to talk about partnering.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Getting Support 00:00:59
Tools To Get Started 00:01:35
Creating Your “Couch” Video 00:10:46
Creating Your Calendar Event
Setting Up Your ScheduleOnce Account 00:01:13
Syncing Your Calendar 00:00:57
Creating A Booking Form 00:04:34
Creating A Booking Page 00:03:34
Setting up Your Landing Page
Click this Share Link for ClickFunnels 00:01:16
Edit Your Page to Match Your Brand 00:05:53
Embed Your Calendar 00:02:03
Redirecting Each New Lead to the Right “Thank You” Page 00:02:08
Place Your Pixels 00:04:38
Creating A Custom Conversion 00:02:29
Creating Your Facebook Ad
Ad Targeting & Budgeting 00:05:19
Ad Creative 00:04:55
Reviewing Your Apps 00:01:56
Confirming Your Apps 00:03:14
Sales Scripts for Your App 00:02:35
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