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Would you like to automatically send messages to people who contact you via Facebook and then allow them to visit your website, book a call, or even meet you for coffee?

In this course you will learn how to do all of those things and more including setting up your account, creating your messages, and leveraging tools to build your client list.

Course Curriculum

An Introduction
Navigating The Real Estate Marketing BOTS Course 00:03:51
Creating Your ManyChat Account 00:04:04
ManyChat Dashboard Overview 00:03:29
Understanding “Flow Builder” 00:03:22
Setting Up Your BOT Automations
Setting Up Your Main Menu 00:03:27
Setting Up Your Default Reply 00:04:32
Setting Up Your Welcome Message 00:07:11
Setting Up Your Keywords 00:04:13
Setting Up Your Sequences 00:11:39
Setting Up Your Tags 00:02:47
Setting Up Your Broadcast 00:05:16
Using Sequences To Convert Facebook Users Into Clients
Top 5 Rules For Creating Engaging Sequences 00:04:38
The Easiest Way To Create Sequences That Convert 00:02:39
How To Tell If Your Sequences Are Performing For You 00:03:45
Setting Up Your Most Powerful Growth Tools
Your 3 Most Important Growth Tools 00:09:50
Setting Up Your JSON Growth Tool 00:07:00
Creating & Utilizing Your Homes List BOT
Creating Your BOT Start To Finish 00:20:07
Connecting Your BOT to Your Ad 00:03:38
Setting Up BOT Notifications 00:04:35
Broadcasting With Your BOT 00:08:04
Leveraging BOTS To Build Your Sphere Of Influence
Test Everything 00:02:31
Scripts You Don’t Have to Write 00:02:13
Survey 00:00:00
Appendix: Copy and Paste BOT Scripts
Homes List Bot Flow 00:00:00
Social Listing Bot Flow 00:00:00
Luxury Homes List Bot Flow 00:00:00
Home Buyers Guide/Home Sellers Guide Bot Flow 00:00:00
30 Second Home Search Bot Flow 00:00:00
The Home Buyer’s Quiz Flow 00:00:00
The Fish In A Barrel Flow 00:00:00
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