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Social marketing is not done. It’s 2017 and social marketing has still not been fully exhausted. In fact, going forward into 2017, it’s crucial to know that your customers are in the social landscape and this is where you can harness the most growth in your business. The social game offers immediacy, not results in 2-3 years, if and only if you know how to do it the right way.

Here are just a few of the things you can expect to learn from this course:

  • The art of communication
  • How to sell and close over the phone
  • How to sell and close via text messaging
  • How to sell yourself on social media
  • How to sell and close using video

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Getting Started
Welcome to RELENTLESS 00:01:36
Fess Up 00:02:43
Remove Doubt. Shift Your Mindset. 00:07:20
The History of Communication 00:11:02
Section 2: Closing By Phone
Peeling Back the Onion 00:03:46
Phone Calls the Wise Way 00:06:12
Section 3: Closing Over Text
5 Rules of Texting 00:05:24
4 Rules of Engagement 00:02:22
Closing Over Text 00:02:11
Section 4: Social Selling
What is Social Selling? 00:04:46
Social Before Selling 00:05:10
Section 5: The Infamous Closer
Meet The Infamous Closer 00:04:00
Best Practices for Video on Facebook: One to Many 00:06:31
Closing Over Video 00:04:39
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