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Course Curriculum

Section 1: You
What Does Success Look Like To You? 00:01:56
Building Out Your Perfect Life 00:04:41
Who Do You Want To Do Business With? 00:02:27
What Do You Want To Do Every Day And What Do You Not? 00:01:07
How Much Is Your Time Currently Worth? 00:02:31
How Much Is It Really Costing You? 00:02:59
What Are Your Next Steps? 00:01:01
Section 2: Identity
Who Do You Want To Be? 00:01:24
Agent 00:01:27
The Team Model 00:00:52
The Brokerage Model 00:00:46
Section 3: What Is Your Niche?
Understanding Who Your Client Really Is 00:01:25
Let’s Build Your Client Profile 00:00:57
They Aren’t The Only Ones 00:01:34
What Is The LTV Of This Person In Your Business? 00:01:48
Where Are These Clients Hiding? 00:08:39
Section 4: Marketing To Your Perfect Client
Crafting Your Message 00:02:15
Leveraging Existing Programs 00:01:24
Consumer Levels of Awareness 00:04:38
Crafting Offers 00:01:39
Names 00:00:47
Branding & Logos 00:01:21
Marketing Funnels 00:04:48
Landing Pages 00:02:50
Deliverables 00:01:44
Section 5: Influence Leads to Affluence
Self-assessing Your Influence 00:03:50
How Does Paid Advertising Work? 00:04:14
What is Organic Reach? 00:04:05
Section 6: Scale
What Are You Building Towards? 00:03:02
Understanding the Economics of Your Business 00:02:24
The 20% Rule 00:03:30
Section 7: Implementing the Foundation
Putting the Foundation into Practice 00:01:39
Survey 00:00:00
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