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This challenge is your guide to selling your next Million dollars in Real Estate. I’m going to take you by the hand and help you step-by-step implement a Client Generation System in your business. Learn how to generate leads, build your brand, and convert more customers in this one of a kind Challenge that will help you building a blueprint for unlocking the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Course Curriculum

Day 1
Your Perfect Day 00:08:57
Day 2
Financial Goals 00:04:21
Day 3
Love/Hate 00:02:24
Day 4
How much are you worth per hour? 00:11:38
Day 5
What is your cost to get a customer? 00:09:46
Day 6
Million Dollar Sales Blueprint 00:06:05
Day 7
Your Perfect Client 00:07:15
Day 8
Levels of Awareness 00:12:03
Day 9
Research & Setup 00:02:44
Day 10
The Homes List 00:30:20
Day 11
The Value Loop 00:11:01
Day 12
The Closing Loop 00:09:56
Day 13
Building Your Sales Process 00:06:57
Day 14
The Sales System Accelerator 00:07:11
Day 15
The Power Of Video Marketing 00:05:12
Day 16
Your 52-Week Content Guide 00:04:49
Day 17
Recording Your First Video 00:04:25
Day 18
Uploading Your Video & Promoting It 00:14:31
Day 19
Creating Your Video View Retargeting Audiences 00:04:33
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