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The Willioniare Training is a course that will walk you step-by-step through generating real estate appointments without calling, texting, or emailing anyone. In this course, you’ll learn three specific Facebook Ad strategies for generating leads. You’ll learn how to use retargeting¬†to follow your leads all over the internet. You’ll learn how to create, post, and promote video content and you’ll learn how to implement CTA ads to get your leads booking time to speak with you without ever even talking to them.¬†

Course Curriculum

Where To Get Answers When You Have Questions 00:02:47
Setting & Committing To Your Goals 00:01:34
Creating Your First Homes List
Overview of the Homes List 00:04:53
Creating Your Canva Image 00:03:12
Getting Your MLS Link Ready 00:01:47
Setting Up Your Homes List Campaign & Ad Set 00:05:15
Setting Up Your Homes List Lead Ad 00:11:57
Connecting Witly to Facebook 00:03:34
Branding, Your Dynamic Video Strategy
How To Get Started With Video And Overcome The 3 Mental Objections Stopping You 00:01:53
The First Step In Building A Real Estate Brand With Video 00:02:49
How To Build Your Video Audiences 00:02:42
The 3 Tools Needed For Making Real Estate Videos With Your Cell Phone 00:02:38
Different Types Of Videos For A Realtor To Create 00:24:53
Distributing Your Video Content For Attention 00:04:41
Creating Your Level 3 Campaign
Creating Your Level 3 Video View Custom Audience 00:01:55
Building Your Level 3 Creative And Copy 00:04:35
Tying Together Your Audience, Creative, and Copy to Create Your Ad 00:08:48
Integrating Your Appointments Into Google Calendar 00:10:01
OPTIONAL: How To Market Your Database & Local Community Using Your Personal Brand Without Talking About Real Estate 00:00:50
Measuring & Reporting
Best Practices: Reports 00:00:56
Understanding Custom Reports 00:03:36
Custom Conversions 00:01:47
Creating Your Facebook Pixel 00:01:53
Installing Your Pixel In Witly 00:02:30
Creating Your Pixel Custom Audience 00:01:44
Creating Your Lead Form Custom Audience 00:01:48
Creating Your Facebook Page Custom Audience 00:02:41
Creating Your Video View Custom Audience 00:01:13
Creating Your Holy Grail Custom Audience 00:03:07
Converting Online Leads
Understanding the Different Forms of Communication 00:32:27
Converting Leads Over the Phone 00:10:52
Converting Leads Via Text 00:10:48
Converting Leads Via Email 00:17:33
Converting Leads With Video 00:07:37
Social Selling 00:13:51
Understanding Each Marketing Strategy Introduction 00:01:00
Fish In A Barrel BOT Ad
Introducing the Fish In A Barrel Campaign 00:01:01
Creating Your Fish In A Barrel BOT 00:02:43
Creating Your Fish In A Barrel Video and Posting To Your Page 00:03:42
Promoting Your FIAB Video and Attaching The BOT 00:04:06
Setting Up BOT Notifications 00:04:35
Copy & Paste BOT Scripts
Fish In A Barrel Bot 00:00:00
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