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Video [RE]Marketing Summit

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We interview some of the most influential people in real estate to uncover how they’ve been able to use video marketing to grow their brands and increase sales. Each one of these leaders gave us their secrets to replicating their success in any market.


In this training, you’ll hear from these amazing leaders:


  • Tom Ferry
  • Tristan Ahumada
  • Ricky Carruth
  • Kyle Whissel
  • Jon Cheplak
  • Dan Lesniak & Keri Shull
  • Steve Pacinelli
  • Jimmy Rex
  • Krista Mashore
  • Michael Hellickson
  • Joshua Smith
  • Chelsea Peitz
  • Mike Cuevas
  • Karin Carr

These interviews are incredibly entertaining and engaging. You’ll walk away with strategic and tactical insight into how you can get started with video now and how you can take your business all the way to the top.

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