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David Fanale



Certified Real Estate Marketing University Coach


Professional and personal lives can come together in our work.  My work in both, tends to be personal.  I operated a real estate brokerage for more than 20 years and relish the experience of it all.  I believe that life comes as you make it and making the life I live and work today is a product of my years of experiencing people, relationships and interaction with all.  Being authentic and true to myself is my daily task.  Being the difference in the lives of all, especially the people that I work with, including real estate agents, loan officers and any sales people I can be a difference to in any way, is my journey.  I love the opportunity to share and help anyone and everyone.  Always grateful!

I’ve been in “business” all of my life. I have made a lot of mistakes. Not one was working hard. The great thing is, is that I know my mistakes. I used to focus on my mistakes and found that was a detriment to success of today, tomorrow and in the future. Screw the mistakes. I learned. I grew.  I continue to grow.

My only objective is to help people. That is, work with people who want to work. Let me help you!

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