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August 23, 2017

Fame seals deals. We’ve all seen countless times how one misstep on the internet can break a career permanently. What we haven’t seen as much is how a series of the right steps can make a career. Moreover, we haven’t seen what the right steps are to building a successful real estate business using social media.

The good news is that I’ve figured out how to do it. I’ve figured out the right steps to building a successful business using social media. I’ve figured out how to become Internet Famous and I want to share 7 simple steps with you.

Step 1: Identify your perfect life.

Take out a sheet of paper and write down what your perfect day looks like. Be specific. What’s the first thing you do? How do you dress? Where do you live on your perfect day? What about your car and your child’s school? Pay attention to the details because they will reveal the type of client you need to be doing business with from now on.

Step 2: Know who you want to do business with.

Describe your ideal client on that same sheet of paper. Detail their occupation; income level; family life; interests; age; level of education; reason for buying real estate.

The person that works with everyone works with no one. It’s much easier to work with 2% of the marketplace than it is to spend time trying to please 100% of it.

Identify your ideal client or you won’t have any clients at all.

Step 3: Talk.

I know it’s not easy. Putting ourselves out there on social platforms where there are so many eyes on us can be intimidating. The good news is that it’s really quite simple to do. If you keep your ideal client in mind and present yourself on social media as though that client was sitting across from you in real life, you’ve begun the process of building a relationship with your ideal client.

Whether you know it or not, your ideal client is watching you. They may not like a post. They may not share a post. They may not comment on one of your posts; but you can’t prove that they are not reading your posts. Assume that they are and leverage this assumption as an opportunity to develop your prospect.

Step 4: Give them a reason to take action.

One page. One purpose. Write this down. Make it your mantra for the next 90 days. Don’t give your prospects too many decisions to make in your marketing campaign. A strategically written Facebook post backed by a simple landing page proven to convert will do more for your business than any Cadillac website EVER will. We’ve seen our cost per lead on almost every agent that has made this shift go from almost $30 a lead down to about $2-$3 per lead. Making this tiny shift can change the entire landscape for you.

Step 5: Spread your message.

There are two ways that you can leverage the above information to become Internet Famous: Organic Media and Paid Media.

Facebook right now has more attention than any social media platform in history making it the best place for real estate agents to spend their time prospecting for business.

You can take the information I’ve just given you and begin working organically every single day posting socially about your life and your business. In 6-8 months you WILL become a sought after authority in your marketplace. No more knocking on doors, cold calling, or sending direct mail. That’s no longer for you.

Facebook is an easier means of getting business without all of the struggles and headaches that come from traditional marketing. Period. By using Facebook the right way, you no longer have to cold call 100 people a day. You no longer have to fear for your safety at the next door you knock in the 120 degree heat. No more of the financial burden of sending out junk mail that you would never even read yourself.

You can take control of that messaging and place it right onto Facebook; and, in a few months time, you will achieve the exact same results.

Step 6: Pay up.

I saw how much time it would take to acquire the results I wanted in my life and business and saw the exact same thing for the Real Estate agent. So I decided I would fast track the results I wanted through Paid Media. That’s right. I cheated a little bit.

I simply paid Facebook to get my message out faster and I was blown away at what has happened over the past couple of years.

Using everything I’ve discussed here with you I targeted my ideal clients on Facebook with the data it provided to me and I blew up. With over a million dollars spent I was able to become Internet Famous.

Not only did I become a sought after brand, real estate agents started taking notice of what was happening. They began to implement this very same strategy in their business and I remain in awe as I look at their results day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.

Every agent that I’ve personally worked with that has TRULY listened and implemented these strategies has become Internet Famous in their own market.

People will randomly stop them in the street to greet them. Businesses will request they come in to bring in more clients to their establishment. Buyers and sellers will stop them in restaurants to make business requests because of how well they’ve become known in their local marketplace.

It’s an incredible phenomenon and it can happen to you. You can become Internet Famous like these agents if you just follow the formula:

  • Identify your perfect life.
  • Know who you want to do business with.
  • Talk.
  • Give them a reason to take action.
  • Spread your message.

Step 7: Get in front of the camera.

How can you expect to build a business when no one knows or understands who you are? To grow your business, you have to focus on busting through obscurity. The fastest path to through obscurity?

You. On video.

This is the door-knocking strategy of 2017. This is the cold-calling strategy of 2017. This is the junk mail strategy of 2017.

We’ve been brought up to celebritize who we see on screen. We see people moving and interacting and subconsciously building relationships with these people. When we see them in public we, in some cases, become awestruck and begin to whisper with whoever might be around.

This exact same thing WILL happen to you if you embrace this newest form of communication.

5 Reasons to Get in Front of the Camera

  1. Consumers give celebrity status to the people they see on video.
  2. It is an easy way to get your face and name out there.
  3. It’s personal.
  4. It builds instant relationships and connections.
  5. Facebook loves video creators! They are releasing new ad opportunities to advertise locally called local awareness campaigns. You can use them to target ads to your local community.

Simply putting yourself out there on video through platforms like Facebook, combined with just a little bit of strategic advertising, will make you one of the most widely known and cared for people in your marketplace.

This is the best marketing and sales strategy we’ve ever seen wrapped up in quite possibly the simplest way to generate new business, build a brand, and develop new relationships.

If you use these 7 steps, you will go be famous. Just don’t forget about me when you get there.

If you want my help. I want to give it to you. Join our community of agents working in the most modern ways possible and implement these simple teachings.

You will be absolutely blown away by how fast you’ll be living out you perfect day.

If you want to learn how our agents applied these steps and even meet the people who are now walking around enjoying fame, then simply book some time to speak to one of our Make Me Famous Coaches. They’ll walk you through how to become famous with Facebook ads.


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