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Social Video Is The Future: What You Need To Know

August 23, 2017

The year is 2019. You just came across a white paper that claims that consumer Internet video traffic now makes up over 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic (an increase of 64% just five years earlier). The document also claims that consumer video on demand more than doubled during the same time frame.

You’ve been thinking for some time on how you can integrate video into your whole content strategy, but you’ve not been able to get this off the ground. Two years have passed since you first considered adding video to your content marketing strategy, but now you finally feel you are ready to add it in. Then you come across the bad news: the bandwagon of video content marketing has left the station and most brands now use it. Well then, welcome to the future, the future of content marketing.

Video Is Taking Over The Marketing World

This shouldn’t surprise you. You’re probably one of the one billion people that watches videos on Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Netflix, Hulu, Snapchat etc. on a daily basis. The numbers stated in various reports may seem like a lot; but if you take a look at recent trends, it is easy to see that they are indeed achievable. (Did anyone predict that Volkswagen could have more than 150 million views from just three videos as part of a recent marketing campaign effort?)

You Have A Massive Opportunity

There is a massive window of opportunity available right now, and it is those that are able to position themselves well that will enjoy the benefits of what’s coming. According to Adelie Studios, only 24% of brands are making use of videos when marketing to their customers. This tells you that the market is very young and there is so much opportunity to claim a slice of this new marketing trend. Not many people have truly figured out each platform’s best practices, yet. Should you use captions? Should your Facebook video be the same length as your Twitter video? You need to know the answers. This is your moment of opportunity. We can help.


How you can position yourself in the right way in order to take advantage of video traffic’s explosive growth. Here are my Top 3 Suggestions for taking advantage of video content marketing right now.

  1. Make Your Videos Super-Relevant To Your Audience
    Right from the start, you need to decide who each video is meant for. This means that you need to identify your ideal client. The videos you make will have better impact when they are targeted at a specific part of your audience. You should never try to make a one-size-fits-all type of video, this type often performs woefully.
  2. Improve Engagement
    The essence of using videos as a content marketing strategy is to drive engagement. It has been claimed (by Adelie Studios yet again) that the average visitor spends 88 percent more time on a website that has video content than on a website that doesn’t have video in it. One of the reasons for this is that videos are quick to digest. And since this is the case, you would be doing yourself a whole lot of good to make video an important part of your overall content strategy.
  3. Let Your Videos Fit Into Your Overall Content Strategy
    Make no mistakes, if you are planning to get really big, then you will need to have a content strategy. You cannot build a sustainable business or brand by using a ready-fire-aim approach.

Your videos need to be planned ahead of time just like your blog posts. This means scripts, topics, locations, duration, lighting, and so on. In terms of content, you need to take the time to create different videos that will fit into the different stages of the buying process. This will ensure that, regardless of the type of visitor that comes to your website, there will always be something relevant for everyone to watch.

Is Video Part of Your Overall Content Marketing Strategy?

Now that it has become clear to you that video is the way to go if you want to remain relevant, I would love to know what your plans are. I would also be glad to help you out for free. You can get on a strategy call with me for 30 minutes so that we will discuss where your business is and how we can take it forward. The call is absolutely free, so why don’t you schedule your free call now?

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