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The SOI Method MasterClass is all about prospecting to the people you know. While this is most likely the most discussed method of prospecting, it is probably the least most used. It’s interesting because the Sphere of Influence are people you already know and real estate agents, for the most part, are not understanding of this.

There are many thoughts by agents when it comes to this topic. Some believe they keep in touch with their SOI, some don’t want to “bother” their family and friends, some actually believe they do it and don’t and some just have a simple fear of prospecting.

The SOI Method starts with what it is, your Sphere of Influence, but it doesn’t end there. This MasterClass is all about marketing to your database, which is actually more than just your SOI. It’s important to note here that while your friends and family are the core, past customers, present customers and future customers are included. Many want to understand what a future customer is and how do you know who they are. We discuss that in the MasterClass.

We get into the methods of communication as well as some of what to communicate. This understands that there are many pre-conceived ideas about how, why and when. We solve all of the problems and questions here.

What needs to be understood is that at the end and completion of this MasterClass, the agent will have a full understanding not just about how to stay in touch and present with their Sphere of Influence, but they will have learned an overall marketing system that will keep them in touch with anyone and everyone they need to. Needless to say, this is a class that is essential all, but especially new agents. It gives them the marketing they may not know or understand.

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