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The 3 Levels of Consumer Awareness

August 23, 2017

There is a way to properly market your business to people looking to buy or sell a home; and it has absolutely nothing to do with your headshot. It is based on what I call The 3 Levels of Consumer Awareness: Unaware, Home Aware, and Home + You Aware.

These three levels all have one thing in common: desire. Desire, however, is not something you can create; and you, as a brand, are not relevant until your consumer reaches one of these levels of awareness.

The good news is that desire is something you can leverage; and I can show you how.

Level 1: Unaware

You are not important. I’m not trying to be rude. I’m trying to be honest. When the consumer is in a stage of unawareness, they are both unaware of who you are and how you can help them. In many cases, they are even unaware of their desire to buy or sell a home.
On this level, there are only 3 things that matter:

  • The home matters.
  • The logic of owning a home matters.
  • The sentiment involved with owning a home matters.

You do not matter

The good news is that a person in this stage of unawareness has a desire to buy or sell a home. They just don’t know it, yet.

“How do I get their attention?”

Good question. It’s simple. Market the product; and market the information and education you can provide. This will push them over the edge to begin their search. At this stage, there are at least 3 campaigns you can use to generate leads:

  1. Information
  2. Logic
  3. Financial(s)

Level 2: Home Unaware

A Home Unaware prospect is aware of a desire to buy or sell a home; but is unsure who to ask for help. They don’t know how to get started.

“So what do I do?”

Another good question. Once a prospect starts their search, Facebook will do the work for you. It’ll pull together data you can leverage with paid advertising to generate leads at will.
It’s critical that you have the right lead magnets in place to collect information and build up your own media or database. These new names, emails, phone numbers, and physical addresses will become the life-blood of your business.
These are some of the offers that add value and convert:

  1. Homes List
  2. Property Sites
  3. Home/Loan Benefits Programs
  4. Special Listing Offers
  5. Buyer and Seller Guides

Level 3: Home + You Aware

A prospect in this mindset is aware of both a desire to begin the buying or selling process and the fact that they need someone to help facilitate this process.


Your skills, expertise, client base, reputation, and history of success will help a prospect understand that you are the only person to do business with.
Market these offers:

  • Social Proof
  • Relational Content

PROTIP: Use digital postcards and testimonials from clients to keep yourself at the forefront of your prospect’s mind. They’re aware of their desire. They’re aware they need help. They’re ready for you.

If you want to learn more about how you can strategically generate leads with proven marketing campaigns, then schedule some time to speak with one of our lead coaches. We will walk you through the different Levels of Awareness and we will show you EXACTLY what type of content and offers to put in front of your ideal clients so you can grow your business at scale today.


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