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Ready to build your brand on Instagram so you can sell more houses?

This course is designed to teach you in a straightforward way how to use Instagram and how to grow your following.

We’ll give you some of the basics, and in a basic way, we’ll show you how to grow to over 10,000 followers strategically. We hope that you become a more well-known, liked, and trusted influencer in your local community, so more people look to you when it comes to buying or selling Real Estate.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Our Goal For You 00:02:08
Why Do You Want This… 00:01:48
Getting Support 00:00:55
Engaging With The Group 00:00:48
Your Profile
Creating Your Account 00:03:59
Your Profile Info 00:04:23
Posting Your Picture and Video 00:06:30
What To Share 00:05:09
What Are Stories 00:06:31
Story Hacks 00:08:14
What To Share 00:06:39
Using Instagram DM 00:02:41
What is IGTV? 00:03:29
Posting Your First IGTV Video 00:04:35
Getting To 10,000 Followers 00:09:24
The Top 20 Hashtags to Use (and the 5 you should make your own) 00:06:23
Engaging The Top Hashtags For Growth 00:03:33
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