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Course Curriculum

Facebook Essentials
Introduction 00:01:08
Business vs. Community Page 00:07:49
How To Get To Ads Manager 00:00:55
Managing Billing Settings 00:01:26
Quick Creation vs. Guided Creation 00:06:57
Creating Your Customer Profile / Client Avatar
How To Create A Client Avatar 00:00:00
Creating Our Generic Audience In Ads Manager 00:06:52
Building Your Advertising Creative and Copy
The Importance Of Quality Creative 00:00:00
Utilizing Canva To Create Collages 00:04:51
The 3 Keys To Quality Ad Copy 00:00:00
Creating Copy For Our Advertisements 00:04:08
Creating Your First Homes List
Overview of the Homes List 00:04:53
Creating Your Canva Image 00:03:12
Getting Your MLS Link Ready 00:01:47
Setting Up Your Homes List Campaign & Ad Set 00:05:15
Setting Up Your Homes List Lead Ad 00:11:57
Connecting Witly to Facebook 00:03:34
Understanding KPI’s and How To Manage Campaigns
Understanding How To Edit Every Aspect of Your Ad 00:04:00
Knowing What KPIs You Can Expect 00:05:39
Understanding The Ad Audit Checklist 00:03:29
Continue Learning With Modern Agent Mastery 4.0! 00:00:00
Become A Marketing Genius! 00:00:00
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